Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ready, Set, Boston

Just before we flew in a puddle jumper from Newark to Boston, I had the sickening realization that the hotel I had booked for 3 nights was in Quincy Illinois not Quincy Massachusetts. FYI there are no hotels available near Boston on a Saturday night. They are quite pricey anyway and we thought we'd all be sleeping in Boston Common with some fragrant and interesting friends. 

We finally found a room outside Boston - a Hilton in Dedham that was still so expensive we decided to test our friendship and share a room. Don't worry kids, each couple had their own beds. 

The next morning we attended a great testimony meeting in the Roslindale ward, changed our clothes in the bathroom and snuck out during Sunday school hour like heathens. 

The two-brick wide freedom trail starts at Boston Common where we were treated to a festival honoring all things cannabis related. (That's what we got for ditching the rest of church.)

After a snack we continued walking the 2.5 mile trail through Boston.

Highlights included:
Paul Revere's statue (I love a man on a fast horse)

The old North Church where the lanterns were hung - one if by land two if by sea

Bunker Hill, where the colonists lost a bloody battle but realized they were tougher than either they or the British knew. 

We ended the day in the bustling Faneuil marketplace - which is a food court on steroids. So many places to choose from - so little stomach room. I ate a slice of wood fired pizza faster than you could say don't tread on me. 

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