Friday, October 9, 2015

Carol Finds Her Old Kentucky Home

Driving through Lexington Kentucky was a bonus I didn't anticipate. I knew we would be traveling south to Elizabethtown, the town Carol's grandmother was born in - but mile after mile of beautiful pastures, horses and homes was more heavenly than I could have hoped for.

Carol's grandmother was a Haycraft, her ancestor a famous part of Elizabethtown's history. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, fort builder and community leader. Sarah Bush Johnston, the woman who would become Abraham Lincoln's beloved stepmother lived in a  14 x 14 cabin belonging to Samuel Haycraft. Leave it to our friend from England to have the coveted "link to Lincoln" that all Americans strive for!

There is a lovely Haycraft trail to follow that crosses over a little creek.

Carol and Keith

In the cemetery, next to Carol's relative, lies the body of another community leader and relative. I loved the creative spelling on his headstone. Apparently spelling wasn't a prerequisite to work as a stone carver.

There is a fine museum with friendly volunteers and gems like this one.

Even though Pepsi rules around here nowadays, early Elizabethtownians once had better taste.

I admit to being a bit frightened of the weird secretarial  display in the museum basement. 

As we left Elizabethtown for a long trip north to Springfield, Keith thought it would be a good idea to see the mighty "Ohio Falls". Apparently they have been stolen.

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