Friday, October 23, 2015

Final Quarters at Winter Quarters

I can't believe it is our last day of touring. These three weeks have gone by in a flash. Our last stop was Winter Quarters near Omaha, Nebraska

There is a lovely visitors center and garden in Kanesville, across the river from Winter Quarters.

Brigham Young and the saints constructed a log tabernacle - built in three weeks out of green cottonwood logs. It was a large place so that the saints could meet together. It didn't last too long as the logs shrunk and cracked. The community of Kanesville decided to build a replica to celebrate an anniversary a few years ago. It is built on the same footprint out of cottonwood logs (this time not green ones). The church purchased it for $1 from the community and you can now tour it.

This was an important place, where Brigham Young organized the first presidency in the manner it is is today.

Our next stop was in the Winter Quarter's visitors center, across the Missouri River. I was excited to see Isaac Morley's violin. He is still my hero.  Also, in this visitor's center you begin by watching a film about the events in the area. The film contains quotes from pioneer journals and Mark and I were excited to hear quotes from his ancestor (Patience Loader) and from mine (Lucy Hannah White Flake)

Apparently Brigham Young was an early scout leader because he had a dutch oven

There was a quilt show on in the bottom story of the visitors center.  Since I love looking at and creating quilts, this was an added bonus.

I loved this one, in an ombre style of color placement.

We solemnly marked the passing of the 99th dead raccoon we have seen on our journey. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. It was probably more like 97.  This poor little guy tried to make it to the Winter Quarter's Temple Grounds but forgot to look while crossing the street. Apparently raccoons are smart enough to wash their food before eating, but not to look both ways.  R.I.P my little friend.

Under this monument is a plaque containing names of those who lost lives here before crossing the plains. Listed is my ancestor, Samuel Flake.

There are beautiful stained glass windows on all sides of the Temple.

I love traveling with my husband. It was fun to have three whole weeks together. I love my funny, handsome, good to the core husband Mark.

On Saturday morning, before our trip to the airport, we took Keith and Carol into Bass Pro Shop for a huge dose of Americana. As you can see, some people take to stuffed bears better than others. Carol made friends with the grizzly, Keith kept his distance.

Traveling with the Brooks was marvelous. They are relaxed, interesting and fun companions. We loved feeling the Spirit with them in so many sacred places. We look forward to many more trips to come!

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  1. You're quitting this early? You've got 1100 more miles to go. :)