Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Heart Lincoln

 The one extra stop I wanted to make on this church history trail was in Springfeld IL, which was sort of on our way to Nauvoo. Our first stop was at the Lincoln Museum, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is the Disneyland of Museums. It is brilliantly designed and executed. 

Here we met this nice family which let us photobomb their portrait. They were all a bit reserved.

The recreation of Lincoln's boyhood cabin has a young Abe reading by a dying fire while his parents snore in the bed and siblings sleep crowded in the trundle bed.  One of his favorites of the few books they owned was Aesop's Fables. I wanted to hang out in here a while.  I felt like he might look up when he finished a chapter. 

Another section lead you through the white house and Lincoln's years there. The civil war, Lincoln's controversial presidency and finally his murder are all portrayed beautifully. The exhibit ends as you walk past his casket as it was when he laid in state in the Springfield before his burial there. It was very emotional for me.

I was very interested to see the Lincoln-Herndon law office where Abe practiced. There was a district court on the third floor where Joseph Smith was once tried. Missouri was trying to extradite Joseph back there but were unsuccessful.  Mary Lincoln attended part of this trial. We couldn't go inside because the office is closed for renovation. 

There are four beautiful blocks around Lincoln's home that are a step back in time.

Lincoln's home is largely intact - much like it was when he and Mary raised their four sons there, prior to moving into the White House. The Forest Service runs the park and takes the tours through.

The parlor is pretty fancy and full of knick knacks. 
I bet the Lincoln boys broke their share back in the day.

Lincoln's desk was so small. I can't imagine how he folded his nearly 6' 4" frame under this.

I think Lincoln would have laughed heartily if he would have known that people would someday be taking pictures of his outdoors commode. (By the way, it is made of barrels and a triple seater)

I loved this quote by Mary Lincoln. They were permissive and indulgent parents. Three of their four boys did not reach adulthood, so this probably was a wise course.

There are five national parks devoted to Abraham Lincoln. Can you name them?

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