Friday, October 16, 2015

Rewinding to Missouri

We all felt a bit nostalgic as we left our cabin in Nauvoo. We enjoyed the four days we spent there in our cozy cabin. If you go to Nauvoo this is a great place to stay!

Apparently, Mater has moved to Nauvoo.

We took one more look at the Nauvoo Temple...

and said goodbye with Joseph and Hyrum.

We drove across the river into Iowa where you can see the Temple rising above the trees, its reflection in the Mississippi.

At a rest stop I was entranced by the fried cheese balls. Of course, these are not edible without ranch dressing to complete the cardiac overload.

Our trip has all been in chronological order except for Missouri. We are going back in time from Nauvoo to the saints time in Independence. Our first stop was Adam-ondi-Ahman. There are beautiful rolling farm hills owned by the church and leased back to farmers. It is exciting to think of the events to take place here before the millennium.

Even though there isn't a visitor's center here, there are nice restrooms and shady trees and some picnic tables at different sites.

At Far West, the temple site is marked by four cornerstones and there is a large monument.

It was late afternoon and the shadows were long and the temperature was lovely. Missouri is so beautiful. After all the prophetic promise this place held, leaving it must have been heartbreaking.

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and comments. I loved it all.