Monday, October 5, 2015

The Beginning and the Now

This is the small Whitmer cabin that saw the beginning of the organization that would share a great spiritual awakening on this earth. 50 or 60 early saints crowded in this humble room and made legally official what had already been set in motion by a far greater power. 

The cabin is reconstructed of old timbers and materials. I loved the wavy glass.

As we sat in the visitors center/chapel and watched conference - sustaining 3 new apostles, I couldn't help but contrast the vast crowd in the conference center with the little cabin only a few yards away. 
We had great and noble leaders then and we have great and noble leaders today. 

It was our delight to be guided through the Grandin Building and the Whitmer Farm by Sister Lay and her Elder. She was funny, warm and genuine. Brother Lay recommended a great Mennonite Grocery store where we had a sub sandwich that thrilled our bellies. We are trying to think of a way to recruit the Mennonites to Arizona. I need a Sauders in Mesa!

Sister Lay's testimony and goodness touched our hearts, lifted us and we are so grateful. 

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