Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Water Water Everywhere and Only Diet Pepsi to Drink

Why oh why does this section of the country love Pepsi so much? Mark is glad and I am sad. My pop consumption is way down and I think I'm losing strength.

We sat in a queue wasting gas at the border crossing into Canada. The officials specialize in questions that make you feel so guilty.

  • "How long are you staying?"  We're staying one day. Too long? Not long enough? Is 24 hours too little time to pay proper respect to our host country?
  • Keith nearly blew it when he said we were staying 12 hours. "So you are leaving at 3:00 in the morning? Oh, sorry, we're really staying 24 hours, just long enough to pick up the drugs and make fun of some Mounties.
Call me naive but I had no idea that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is totally whack. Our first clue was this upside down house. There are about 15 haunted houses where you can wander around in the dark being scared by tired mechanical creatures. There is a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. There is Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum. You get the picture. I thought Niagara Falls was a honeymoon destination but the Canadian side caters to families who have hyperactive children with bad taste. Which pretty much describes every family with young children.

Canadians are united in fashion - which is quite patriotic when you think about it.

If you ride the boat to the Falls on the American side, you board "Maid of the Mist". On the Canadian side you ride "The Hornblower". The horn really works. It almost blew me overboard when it blasted off.

It really was fun to cinch my plastic poncho around my face and get peppered by the spray.

Mark's goal was to get soaked and he pretty much did that in the front of the boat on the bottom deck. Keith joined him.

After crossing to the American side, we parked on Goat Island and explored the National Park. It was nice to have a less commercial atmosphere. The park is beautiful.

You can cross the Niagara River on three different bridges and get close to the falls.

We found ate a great mid afternoon meal in Niagara Falls, NY at a place called Pizza Bistro. Thank you Yelp.

Across the street from the restaurant was an old empty building. The words over the building are shadows left by long gone letters. I wonder what kind of church was here. We are so used to seeing these words emblazoned in beautiful gold letters over the entrances to our temples. This building looked so forlorn. It made me think about the temple the Mormons were forced to abandon in Kirtland, Ohio - which is where we are heading next.

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