Monday, October 12, 2015

The City Beautiful

We pulled into Nauvoo at 8:30 pm. The temple drew us in. There were several people about and the air was balmy. I don't need to tell you that the temple is beautiful.

I appreciate that temple sites are always so artistically lit. This statue of Joseph and Hyrum on their way to Carthage is between the Temple and the river down the hill in the distance. Of all the sculptures I have seen on this trip - this is my favorite.

We are staying at Nauvoo Log Cabins in the "Nixon" cabin. Each one is authentic, reconstructed on this site from somewhere else. There is a history of the builder and occupants. Mark and I are upstairs in a large room with two bunks and a queen bed. Where are all our kids when we need them? This is a fun place for families to stay.

In fact, across from us was the LaDuke family. Alicia Brimhall LaDuke is originally from Snowflake. Our families have been friends for many years. It was great to see her and her cute family.

The Mississippi River at the end of Parley Street

We attended the Nauvoo ward today. The Bishop's name is Joe Smith. It is probably confusing for nonmembers.

Hyrum, Joseph and Emma, along with Joseph's parents and others are buried in this site owned by The Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Church).

There was a large group at the gravesite, all the women in long dresses. One family stayed behind and we visited with them for quite a while. They are the Bishop family from Independence, MO. They belong to a church that broke off from the Community of Christ several years ago. As Brother Bishop said, "They left us." It is called "The Restoration Branch". They believe that the Community of Christ became worldly and lost their way. It was fun to talk to this friendly family who revere the Book of Mormon just like we do.

At church we ran into old friends Dot and Boyd Williams.  The Williams daughter Jody was our son Max's first piano teacher. We love this great family. They are here in Nauvoo serving a temple mission. They invited us to their apartment where we visited and ate warm apple crisp. Seeing people we know has been an unexpected gift of the journey.

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  1. Nauvoo is such a special place. I want to go there again.