Saturday, October 3, 2015

Way Down Upon the Susquehanna

In what was once the township of Harmony, Pennsylvania, there is now a beautiful LDS visitor's center and many historical sites. You can read about them here.  This statue by Avard Fairbanks is also on Temple Square and depicts John the Baptist conferring the Priesthood on Joseph and Oliver Cowdery.

This is the road between Isaac Hale's home and the first one owned by Joseph and Emma.

Carol and Keith Brook and Mark and me in front of Joseph and Emma's home

Joseph added the "summer kitchen" and almost immediately they had to leave Harmony.

Grave of Joseph and Emma's first child

To me, one of the most poignant parts of this site was a film in the Visitor's Center. It begins with the sound of a shovel and Joseph digging a grave for their first child. Later, while translating the Book of Mormon, Joseph recites to his scribe, Oliver Cowdery one of the revelations about little children having eternal life (Mosiah 5:25 And little children also have eternal life) Joseph jumps up from the table and we see him through the window as he runs to Emma who is hanging clothes on the line. He speaks earnestly to her and then they embrace and weep. The good news of the gospel is personal and beautiful.

Visitor's Center at Priesthood Restoration Site

There is a lovely grove of sugar maples where Joseph and Oliver were given the Aaronic Priesthood by John the Baptist

Joseph and Oliver baptized each other here in the Susquehannah River

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